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Introducing the New LUMA1 SOP Playbook 

The ultimate solution to capture, enrich and share Standard Operating Procedures

Our new step by step LUMA1 SOP Playbook makes learning your frontline operations simple:

  • Create rich, and engaging SOP programs in record time that are simple to maintain
  • Make them accessible with LUMA1 generated QR code, link or easily add to a course
  • AI capabilities automating translation, question and assessment generation
  • Complete analytics and reporting
  • Complete corporate branding

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Revamp your content effortlessly

Transform your pre-existing PowerPoint, Keynote or recorded webinar training into an engaging online video experience with ease. If you need fresh video content, we can help you capture that too.

Translate easily and quickly

Connect with your workforce in any language. Create your training experience in the primary language and then convert it into over 40 languages within minutes using the LUMA1 AI translator, complete with new narration in each language.

Simplify your admin work

Save yourself the hassle of managing tedious administrative tasks. Simply share a URL or QR code with your employees, contractors, and agencies to initiate their training.  All activities are tracked

Drive health and safety results

Use CCTV and other footage to create effective health and safety training.

Leverage existing resources with LUMA1 Smart Video to create memorable on-boarding and orientation

Quick & Effective Onboarding

Create Consistency & Quality

Easily create and deliver standard operating procedures and drive quality and consistency

Standard Operating Procedures